Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Magnum Thrax and the Amusement Park of Doom

Publication calls for a promotional post. And a drink!

Check out the sweet cover by the sensational Nimit Malavia, of Fables fame!

Here's the book blurb in full:

In the barren post-apocalyptic future, former sex emporium Pleasurepit Five is the last bastion of human civilization. It has survived for a thousand years, weathering everything from nihilistic robots and gibbering megamutants to insane advertising campaigns.

Now another, long forgotten remnant of the ancient world has emerged from the smashed ruins: a rogue amusement park, under the sway of a Dark Lord wannabe. It's expanding at an exponential rate, threatening to reorganize the world into sanitized blandness.

To stop it, Pit citizen Magnum Thrax must whip a team of repurposed fembots into shape and lead them into a winner-takes-all battle for the future. Their only chance? Enlist the help of Technowitches and deliver a virus into the evil, beating heart of the Amusement Park of Doom. Yet to reach the witches, they must cross The Death Zone. Like, literally. And no one who enters it has ever emerged alive…

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