Friday, December 4, 2015

Guide to Interdimensional WTF?

The amazing Russell's done up one heck of a guide to, uh, hideous Lovecraftian things from beyond sanity over on his site, Merzo. Check it out. They're freakin' freaky and obscenely awesome. Some of the best representations of Deep Ones and other Old Ilk since Barlow.

Looking good, Cthulhu baby!
Best of all they come in small, medium and large.

Like coffee.

Gaze upon them all and go mad!


  1. Though I'm no particular fan-scholar of the Lovecraftian bestiary, it's skillfully and impressively done. This chap obviously is a fan of Lovecraft and knows the source material. Much more engaging than many "(illustrator)'s Guide to (fictional cross-section)" that I've seen, where the (illustrator)'s style isn't very suited to the subject and/or they had never heard of the source material before getting the assignment.

  2. Agreed. I like that he didn't just stick a squid head on a human body. He thoroughly integrated the two elements into something greater.

    My favourite is still Barlow's Guide to Extraterrestrials.

  3. I'm not 100% on Mr. Barlow's Guide. About 60% were certainly A-OK, but the remaining 40%...not so much for me. He's got a certain squared-off style that didn't capture the whipcord lean mean vibe of some of the aliens in their source books. In my opinion, of course.