Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Researching a sci-fi book? Don't miss Atomic Rockets.

All the resources you need to write your sweeping, intergalactic sci-fi epic. Well. Galactic, anyway. Everything from space ship design to useful tables, all in one spot.

Is that not awesome?

And it reads like it was written by actual smart people who understand all this stuff.

Check out Atomic Rockets.

Your space epic will thank you.


It even has spiffy Soviet sci-fi space colony designs:

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  1. That's a mucho groovy website. Fine resource.

    The "Misconceptions" section is interesting and accurate, but there is a certain "panties are twisted too tight and cutting off the flow of imagination to the brain" tone. When such hard science folks get on a roll, they stop acknowledging any innovation to come, plausible or fanciful. The TV shows cited have huge failings in terms of science, but the fiction element asks the viewer to accept that this alien/future world has perfected new technologies. If (for example) anti-matter is a viable power source, then spacecraft won't act exactly like they launched from the Cape. There will be different options in design.

    But it's been bookmarked for much future reference. Thanks!