Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The 100: Season Three Inbound

Season Three is on the horizon, and it looks to be filled with lots of lovely detritus.

"Season three synopsis: Season three picks up three months after the events of season two. The war is over and the battle against Mount Weather has been won. The prisoners have returned home to a world seemingly at peace but a sense of normalcy is short lived. Threats old and new test loyalties and push limits."

And there's a trailer:

This pleases me.

Let the killing of the teens begin again. Death match 90210!


  1. Season 3?? I've never heard of this show!

    (step away for a spot of research...)

    Ah, reading the synopsis rings a small bell. I think I reached "teens from space" and walked (figuratively) away. I've wasted too much of my life with teens in running mazes in a post-apocalypse and teens trying to pick which ridiculous clan/guild to join in a post-apocalypse and...etc, etc. Did "100" rise above dreary teen angst amid the ruins?

  2. Well, we've got different tastes when it comes to this sort of genre material. I have lower standards. =)

    You will never forget it is teen drama. There's a 90210 in space aspect to it, for sure, particularly the first few episodes. The setup is hackneyed: how do we get 100 kids on a planet without any adult supervision? But then they shake it up and start brutally killing everyone. And lots actually happens, which is more than I can say for season three of House of Cards which I now use as a soporific.

    Wrote a more in-depth review of The 100 here:


  3. Higher or lower standards...that's hard to quantify. I do know I increasingly feel like a guy clinging to a flotation ring while the Pop-Culture Party Barge chugs away from me. I jumped overboard when a dude appeared on deck with a brightly coloured, oddly bulging balloon in each hand and merrily yelled "SHIT FIGHT!" Maybe the "Fuddy Duddy" lifeboat will pick me up...