Saturday, June 30, 2018

Announcing Magnum Thrax and the Cola Cults

Thrax and team return home to The Pit, only to find a gigantic 3-C Cola battle-crawler towering over it, bristling with armaments. Everyone they knew is now hopelessly addicted to their beverage. 

The Sales-Priests try to get Thrax hooked, but he’s already addicted to Cocainola, 3-C's deadly rival brand. Cocainola’s in-product defense memes protect him from becoming a 3-C slave.

Thrax’s loved ones are forced to go on a suicidal Cola Crusade to destroy Cocainola's impenetrable headquarters, fired up by Sales-Priest sermons.

With the help of a Cocainola agent, Thrax sets out to save the inhabitants of The Pit from certain death. But to do that he has to defeat the God-Rex of Cocainola: a T-Rex with the dual-brain of P.T. Barnum and David Ogleme.

Can Thrax save his loved ones and his favorite beverage?

Find out in Magnum Thrax and the Cola Cults!

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