Saturday, June 30, 2018

Announcing Magnum Thrax and the Cola Cults

Thrax and team return home to The Pit, only to find a gigantic battle-crawler towering over it, bristling with armaments. Worse, everyone they knew is now hopelessly addicted to Coo Coo Cola. 

The Sales-Priests try to get Thrax hooked, but he’s already addicted to Cocainola, the deadly rival of CCC. Cocainola’s defense memes protect him from becoming a 3-C slave.

Thrax’s loved ones are not so lucky: they’ve been sent off on a suicidal Cola Crusade to destroy Cocainola's impenetrable headquarters, fired up on cola and Sales-Priest sermons.

With the help of a Cocainola agent, Thrax sets out to save the inhabitants of The Pit from certain death in the Cola Wars. But the only way to do that is to defeat the God-Rex of Cocainola: a giant T-Rex with the dual-brain of P.T. Barnum and David Ogleme.

Can Thrax save his loved ones and his favorite beverage from extinction, or will the post-apocalypse be deprived of cola choice?

Find out in Magnum Thrax and the Cola Cults!

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