Monday, December 24, 2018

Magnum Thrax and being weird

Apple says Think Different. 

I say be different.

Revel in your uniqueness. 

Be the authentic you. 

Because everything weird about you is what makes you, you.

Speaking of which, Magnum Thrax is devotedly weird. 

It’s my weirdness.

And it’s a bit of a screw-you to all the conformity enforcers out there, who constantly hector us from both ends of the political spectrum.

It’s silly and strange and holds no punches. 

It makes jokes you aren’t supposed to make.

It has sexbots in it, for example. That's right: sexbots. 

Quelle horreur! 

Cue the fainting couch! 

Some people think this is appalling, but I think they’re funny. 


Because they’d be an incredible feat of technology, requiring the convergence of multiple scientific fields and billions and billions of dollars worth of research and development. 

Because there’s an inherent absurdity in that we might be smart enough to create living, breathing simulacrums of ourselves, to create life, but the reason we’d do it is so we could fuck it. 

Like building a rocket to go to the moon for sex tourism. 

Some find that sentence appalling. 

I think it’s hilarious.

Our science God is like the Greek Gods of old: driven by primal passions. Lust, hate, envy, gluttony, sloth and all the sins and emotions that make us human. 

The internet is an incredible technological achievement. Originally intended to link scientists together into a massive, collective innovation engine, harnessing brain power for the greater good of the military industrial complex, it achieved true greatness with porn and cat videos.  

If you don’t find humour in that, I’d skip the book.

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