Saturday, April 11, 2015

Whither the Hugos?

G. R. R. Martin talks about the current kerfuffle over the Hugos.


If the Hugos weren't political before, they sure as heck are now. And likely to remain so for the indefinite future.

Slates and campaigns will just lead to counter-slates and campaigns and ill feelings and escalation and revenge voting and, like Martin, I'm not sure where, or if, that will end.

Admittedly I knew little about the Hugos until now (and still don't know much), other than that they're a prestigious and highly coveted award in the SF field. Shamefully, I never gave much thought to how they actually were dealt out. I just assumed it was by an elite cabal of ultra-expert editors, writers, and NASA scientists, using super-scientific secret instruments and algorithms to determine literary quality.

And divination spells for the fantasy novels.

Something like that.

Well, no more.

My illusions are shattered. Blown to smithereens.

Fortunately, I'm several years behind in my reading so it will be some time before I catch up to what's happening in the here and now, if ever.

Martin has a follow up post about hate speech.

Hurt feelings have turned the Hugos into an ideological battleground, and it's ugly.

There's a good roundup about the whole thing here by Simon McNeil.

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