Monday, February 1, 2016

The 100: Wanheda Part II Review

Clarke, for once without anything to say. But actions speak louder than words, and it's Clarke, so… this guy is gonna get a head butt or knife in the gut...

Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Part one was awkward setup. This episode, the ball gets rolling.

And we get one of those great The 100 conundrums: a Grounder warrior is mortally wounded by the evil Ice Nation, but he's a friend of Guy-Who-Takes-His-Shirt-Off, so he's taken to the medical station. They don't have what they need to save him at the fallen space station, but if they go to Mount Weather, they can use the Vampire President's medical gear and blood supply to save him. To top it off, traveling there might also threaten the peace, as it means traveling through enemy territory. Or something like that. My memory on that point is fuzzy. Anyway. They have to decide if the risk is worth it, and if it is ethical to use the lab of The Mountain People, who stole their blood supply from the Grounders. The injured soldier would be benefiting from tainted blood, so to speak.

And someone (Guess who!) gets their ethics all up in a knot.

I love that sort of stuff.

The episode has betrayals, new characters FINALLY being killed off (It's already episode two! I mean, talk about slacking), and people having reunions with old friends thought long dead, to expand the cast so, obviously, more can be killed off. And these new people say great stuff like, "We're Grounder killers, one and all. Boo-yah!" to people traveling with, and allied to, Grounders.


"I'm digging this obviously fake Utopia."

Sure, the Arkers should all be dead, their station should have broken up on reentry, but the show would be much less interesting if it had.

Clarke is being hauled about by the studly bounty hunter Roan (Or so I'm told. Has he taken his shirt off yet? I don't remember, I get distracted by Clarke's heaving bosom).

Arkers almost catch up to them, but the reunion is dashed by the appearance of the Ice Nation army, which is on the march.

More difficult choices follow.

In the end, Clarke is delivered to Lexa, who wants Clarke's help. Clarke, being Clarke, spits in her face, because this is The 100.

War and character based conflict are coming.

All I can say is, yeah, baby, bring it on!

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