Saturday, June 2, 2018

A really great review of Magnum Thrax and I can't write promo blurbs worth spit

Joel Smith took a look at Magnum Thrax and wrote what is perhaps the nicest and most awesome review my work has ever elicited. I just couldn't help but want to share it. 

"Comic Sci-Fi Is So Hard -- This Is A Worthy Contender This book is much, much better than the blurbs and the cover might lead you to believe...."

This is a good thing, but damn, I have to work on my blurb. 

"With the reference to Pleasurepit Five and the combat sexbots, the impression is that this is going to be a sci-fi Dean Martin/Matt Helm action sex comedy. Well, it is a little. But, and this is a big "but", only a little, because the author has some fun with the idea of sexbots being repurposed as soldiers, and then once we've done some leering and oogling and a few jokes, he lets that go and moves on to a much better book. 

 The story is that the few remaining civilized outposts on Earth are threatened by an attacking rogue amusement park, (think Disney by way of The Borg). An android delivers a weapon to Pleasurepit Five and our hero, Magnum Thrax, is the only one who can travel across the Death Zone to enlist the technowitches into the fight against this evil. So, what you really get is a sort of Mad Max, Lord of the Rings, Dirty Dozen, high tech mashup. But here's the really good part -- the post apocalyptic world is beautifully conceived, the techno/nano/quantum gobbledygook is wildly inventive, the characters are inspired, and the narrative and dialogue are unrelievedly funny." 

This is just so gratifying. To have someone really get the book, understand what I was going for, and get something out of it. I writer can't ask for more.

"Very little of the humor is in your face, and none of it is heavy-handed or stoopid. There are lots of dry throwaway lines, deadpan observations, and wry or edgy musings. The narrative is funny, but actually fairly subtle. There is a lot of cross-talk and snappy dialogue, especially between Thrax and his techno-nerd best friend. It's smart and clever stuff."

Read the whole marvellous thing here on Goodreads.

Thanks so much Mr. Smith!

And check out the book, if you dare, here!

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