Sunday, June 24, 2018

Got it to trash it, but something strange happened...

Reviewer Fred had this to say about Magnum Thrax and the Amusement Park of Doom:

"Now this is one strange and awesome book. This book reminded me of "Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse" by Victor Gishler. It is unabashedly over the top and as weird as you can get. If it was made into a movie it would probably be Directed by Mel Brooks, in the vein of "Space Balls", "Flesh Gordan" "Barbarella" and "Ice Pirates". Beneath it all is a very sound plot that plays out well right up to the end. I got this book prepared to rip it to pieces but instead must praise it as a nice bit of fun satire! Is this book for everyone??? No but for the ones who get it, YES."

Kirkus actually links to Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse from their Magnum Thrax review. Go-Go Girls is a fabulous piece of pop-pulp sci-fi, so that's a plus.

Fred's review is a few years old now, but I wanted to note it because in the review title he says: 'Got this one so I could trash it but someting strange happened instead...'

That's noteworthy because another reviewer (who also enjoyed the book, and gave it the best review it's ever gotten) also felt the book was not as he expected from the title, blurb and imagery.

Which is a shame.

It shows that I chose badly when, well, 'branding' the book.

Something I have to work on.

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